Information and Disclosure

To conduct our practice legally we are required to inform you of the following facts and information:

Our therapy is available through the provision stated in California under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of the Business and Professions Code.

We are not licensed physicians, DO's or practicing medicine.

The treatment we provide is an "alternative therapy" or a "complementary therapy" to healing arts services licensed by the state.

Services to be provided are legal but not licensed by the state of California.


The nature of services provided at the Vital Health Center:

Comprehensive Manual Therapy is a corrective manual treatment that aims to restore healthy position, mobility, and vitality of the tissues. The intention is to return the body toward the natural state.

Is a powerful means of identifying and addressing the structural components at the root cause or causes of pain, injury, disease, and dysfunction.

Is a structural and biodynamic piece of healthcare pie. the intention is to play a supportive role in our clients chosen health team that may include traditional and/or alternative modalities. We are not a standalone treatment option that will replace appropriate medical intervention. 

Supports the body's own self organizing systems to facilitate an optimal state of health. The significance and value of this treatment can be found in its application toward health maintenance, degenerative diseases, and athletic performance. 


The underlying Theory:

There is an inextricable relationship between the structure and function of the body. The objective is to find and treat the related structures and mechanisms that are relevant and causative of the chief complaint or symptom. The theory of manual treatment is based on the study that shows that through various techniques one can correct position, mobility, and vitality of the related structures which in turn will have a corrective effect on the function of the body and thereby reduce and resolve the symptoms and/or dysfunction. 


What to expect during your visit:

·      A consultation dialog to determine the purpose and intention of your visit, such as:

      • Health maintenance and/or athletic optimization

      • Therapy of pathology or injury

      • Surgery and traumatic recovery

      • Support of degenerative diseases

  • A question and answer intake form of chief complains and history of symptoms and related events. A general survey of health issues, diagnoses, reports and the medical intervention you received throughout your life.

  • A physical assessment and analysis will be conducted with a methodology that includes

      • Relevant motion and functional testing analysis

      • Palpation testing of relevant structures within the musculoskeletal, cranial sacral, organ and nervous system

  • Gentle comprehensive manual therapy will be administered to the relevant systems and structures within the scope of our training.

  • Treatments that may include techniques effecting the musclo-skeletal, cranial sacral, visceral, fascial, ligament, articular and nervous systems.

  • Upon completion of the first treatment we will relate our finding, structures treated, and prognosis if requested. 

  • The session will complete with a discussion of any question you may have and dialog to determine an appropriate treatment plan if subsequent treatments are indicated. 


Education, Training, Experience

Rick & Joelle Williams received their training and are graduates from the Canadian College of Osteopathy. The training consists of a 5-year extensive program in osteopathic techniques. The program teaches structural and functional techniques, cranial osteopathy (cranial-sacral therapy), visceral (organ) techniques to name a few. They were both required to write and defend a thesis to an international panel. In addition to earning their 'Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practitioner' degree, they have continued their studies with post graduate training in endocranial techniques of the brain. Prior to this Joelle completed her graduate degree (Dipl. Psych.) at the Georg-August University in Gottingen, Germany. Rick received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering specializing in biomechanics.