testimonials from clients

joelle & rick williams

As a physical therapist for 44 years, and practicing an osteopathic/craniosacral approach for 30 of those years, I feel qualified and confident in saying Joelle’s skill level, intuitive knowledge and expertise in truly holistic healing is amazing. I only wish I had found her years earlier for myself! I recently began treatment with Joelle in preparation for an inner ear surgery, which was so fortunate that I did. Not only did Joelle eliminate a chronic head pain I had been having for 6+ months in just a couple of sessions, she also was able to eliminate TMJ pain and problems and greatly restore vitality I had been missing. Since the ear surgery I have not been able to travel to Soquel for treatments, but have been greatly in need. Fortunately, Joelle does remote healing treatments so I was able to stay at home but still receive much needed help, all in the comfort of my own bed! The remote sessions have been every bit as effective, if not MORE effective, as in person sessions and not having to travel for the session has further helped my healing immensely! I’ve experienced many forms of healing and bodywork in my time, but non surpass Joelle. I’m forever grateful.
— Susan Glenfield, P.T., 2018
Joelle, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful and effective treatment!! Within a couple of days, I returned to full health!
— Don Davies, M.D., 2018
Dear Joelle, it is a pleasure to work with you because of your warmth, sensitivity and professionalism. I have chronic gastritis and was able, with the agreement of my internist, to change the medication I was taking. This meant a great deal to me because the one I was able to change to has decades of clinical use with minimal side effects. The one I needed before you treated me was known to cause cancer in rats. I find this truly remarkable, because I wouldn’t have imagined that doing things like massaging and palpating my stomach and other internal organs could change their function. The other substantial improvement I have seen is in my back. The results of your work were longer lasting than chiropractic treatment and your approach is far gentler.
— Ann Lieberman, March 2005
I was impressed with her (Joelle’s) professional demeanor, gentle manner and medical acumen.
— Stephen Oshry, M.D., March 2005
Joelle is a talented and deeply feeling healer. She gets me out of pain and gently restores my body to health.
— Elisabeth Cole, Classical Homeopath, 2005
Cranial Sacral work with Joelle has been extremely satisfying. Joelle has a gift for listening with her entire being. The subtlety of her touch often belies the profound way it impacts my body. The body knows it is being tended to and responds by opening and relaxing. The openings have been profound, and the resulting realignment has persisted over time. Her work is not just about reducing symptoms, it’s about healing.
— Jaquelin Pearson, Psychotherapist, 2005
Joelle, your presence and touch are skillful, attuned, comforting and truly a blessing in this world.
— Deborah Boyer, 2005